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 My goal here at Vom Haus Schutz German Shepherd K9 is to breed top quality dogs. I have been around and owned German Shepherd dogs my whole life.

I fell in love with this breed because they are truly loyal and excel in any field you train them for. Whether you want just a protection family pet, a tracking dog, a search and rescue dog, etc, the list goes on, you can not go wrong owning a German Shepherd. They are the most loyal breed on the face of this earth!

My Pack May 4, 2014 Framed


I breed the Working European German Shepherd dogs, that excel in many fields. I am a small breeder with a personal touch with ALL my dogs and puppies.

 My dogs trace back to the Pohranicni Straze Kennels of the Czech Republic.


(click on the links to read about the progeny of my dogs)

If you go to my Adult pages, you will find each dogs pedigree links.

My dogs all live together, and are social with my guests and clients (once I do an introduction). They are social in their play time.

I have intact males and neutered males, intact females and spayed females that all live together.

My litters are socialized with my pack from 4 weeks old.

All my dogs have great Alert drives and will protect me in any situation. (guests need to make an appointment to visit)

My dogs are NOT fenced in on my property, they stay close to me at ALL times (on their own), they will protect my farm and alert me when anyone comes here. Once I allow you to meet my dogs, they will not bother you unless you are a threat. I can turn my dogs “ON” and “OFF” like a light switch.

My breeding dogs put all these qualities in their puppies.

If you are interested in a well bred, intelligent, loyal German Shepherd puppy, watch for my litter announcements and give me a call.

I have a Puppy Reservation on my site and a Contract available for viewing on the menu bar.

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Outside Summer Puppy Kennel (below)

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Up Coming Planned 2017 Litters………..


Cody and Zena will be bred in April 2017.


Zuro and Cassidy will be bred in April, 2017

Visit my Adult page and to view all my dogs.