2015 Zena / Cody Litter


My dear very good friend and client is needing surgery. I will bring his dogs to my facility while he is in the hospital and for as long as he needs me to care for them. This is what a good breeder does. He is loved by many, and here is a Facebook post where Al is getting many wishing him the best!

We are ALL here for you Al Baldwin!

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Puppy Reservation Application

Puppy Sales Contract

Zena/Cody 2015 Litter is SOLD!


4 Solid Black Males


 3 Bi Color Males


 1 Bi Color Female


One Day Old Puppies (photo)

Litter Puppies Group Nursing 1 Day Old Framed

Puppies were born June 17, 2015


This Litter Was Reserved Before Their 8 Week Old Release Date!




The litter was released to their new homes August 12, 2015.


This litter has superior temperaments and dispositions!!!!!!!!!!!!


Puppies were 4 weeks old (July 15th), and learning how to eat food.


All puppies are 100% healthy and gaining good weight everyday.



Live Puppy Cam (when litters are available)

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Zena: “Vom Haus Schutz K9 Zena”

Zena Standing PhotoZena: Was born in 2012 and is a solid black 75lb female. She is physically and mentally “Balanced” with superior ball drive, alert drive and loves to fetch.

She is producing solid black and Bi Color (like Cody), puppies.

Zena is social with other animals and people, yet will still “watch your back”. She has NO aggression!

This litter sold very fast, and paid reservations on my litters have preference. (see Reservation Application and Puppy Sale Contract above).

“Zena’s” Photo Gallary….


Cody: “Vom Haus Schutz K9 Cody”

Cody Sitting Front Head TurnedCody: Born in 2013 and is a large boned, well muscled, very mature Bi-Color 95lb male. He has a high ball drive, very social, athletic dog that loves to play. He is physically and mentally “Balanced” and loves to work.

He is producing exceptionally well balanced, intelligent, social puppies with all the German Shepherd working drives aboard. He is social with other animals as well with NO aggression at all. There were reservations on this litter before I even bred them. If you are interested, call or fill out a reservation application for approval of his future litter puppies. 

These puppies sell very fast!

Next year (2016) I will have 3 litters.


My dogs all live together, (except when females are in heat), and we all get along.

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Pack Spring 2015