Zena Head Framed

Zena is a female I kept from my Zyka / Doc 2012 litter for one of my new breeding females. I am excited to be announcing a repeat third repeat planned breeding for Zena and Cody for the 2017 Spring season. (to be bred in April for a June Whelping. Live Video Cam will be on all my litters after the litter is born)

Zena had a “Whoops” litter that was born on June 13, 2014 (Zuro, her 1/2 brother got out and tied with her). None the less (a close Out Cross Litter), I let the litter proceed and Zena had 2 very big females. Both are beautiful dogs and very confident and smart.

Here is some information about Zena:

Zena is a solid black female, weighing between 75 lbs. She is very muscular and solid, nice head, nose and strong ears. She has a huge “Ball Drive” (loves to retrieve the ball and bring it back to you). She is loyal, confident, obedient, no aggression, alert and well balanced and loves to track. Zena has a nice straight back and does NOT drop low in her hips. She is well proportioned and level.


Zena delivered 8 beautiful puppies June 17, 1015. There were 7 males and 1 female. She was bred to “Cody“. This litter sold very fast. Price of the puppies are $2000 each and I guarantee their health and hips as per my Puppy Contract Page 

Zena delivered 9 beautiful puppies June 17, 2016.  There were 4 males and 5 females. This litter is a full sibling litter to her 2015 litter and also sold very fast.

Zena will be bred again for her last litter in April 2017. I will be keeping a female from this litter to carry on her progeny. All the other puppies will be available for sale. Price of the puppies are $2000 each and I guarantee their health and hips as per my Puppy Contract Page.


Jaegor, a puppy from Zena and Cody’s 2015 litter.

Read more information about Cody on his page.

Zena Standing Photo

Zena Sitting Photo


Zena Standing Framed Name

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