I bought Cody for a future stud prospect. So far he is showing me a huge ball drive, great alert drive, he is social, well mannered and loves to work.

I will be breeding him to my two females, Zena and Zoey in the Spring of 2015.

I do have a waiting list for these litters, so if you are interested in one of their puppies, you can fill out a Puppy Reservation Application (click).

Puppy Reservation Application

Puppy Sales Contract

2015 Spring Litter from Cody and Zena (below)

Cody and Zena Framed









2015 Spring Litter from Cody and Zoey (below)

Zoey Standing Framed


Zoey is well balanced, social, superior temperament and disposition, high ball drive, great alert, well muscled female weighing 70 lbs.

She is black with a white spot on her chest.

Cody and Zoey will have beautiful solid black, and Bi Color puppies.

Watch for updates on her pregnancy and litter.

The puppy cam will also be on her litter 24/7.





Click on this link to Cody’s Pedigree Database:

Click here for a copy of Cody’s Pedigree Certificate:

Cody Certified Pedigree Certificate