2017 Zena / Cody Litter



Zena – Cody June 23, 2017

Litter of 10 puppies

5 Black Males            2 Bi Color Males              3 Black Females


Happy Clients Picking Up Their New Puppies……….


(my litters are reserved early and the pups sell very fast!)

Photo of pups July 8th at 2 weeks old

Zena delivered 10 beautiful healthy puppys on June 23, 2017.
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Visit the Live Puppy Cam Page to view the puppys Live!

5 Black Males, 2 Bi Color Males and 3 Black Females.

Zena (Bred to Cody) had a pregnancy conformation check on May 18th – Pregnant and Due Date June 26th with another big litter!
Photo below is June 22nd, 58 days pregnant x-ray of he puppies Zena is carrying. She has 10 puppies that show up on this x-ray.

Live Puppy Whelping Pen Cam 5 (Live Streaming on puppies when litters are born!)
http://marestare.com/fcam.php?alias=whitediamond5 (Click for Live Streaming)

                     Zena                                                                       Cody

Zena’s palpation and ultrasound exam showed positive for pregnancy on the 18th of May. Palpation pressure showed puppy’s and ultrasound showed many fetus. I will be taking Zena in for ex-ray’s on her 59th day for a head count. Her expected due date will be the 26th of June.
I will know more after the litter is born on the count, sex and colors of the puppies.