Puppy Testimonials


On this page, you will find  testimony’s from my clients (some repeat clients) about my dogs and litter puppies. about their achievements and how they have grown and developed into great dogs…….

(I do not have them in any special litter order on the clickable photos, each testimonial has what litter the puppy came from) 

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Donna and Tom Tarasovich Puppy Testimonial Revised Size 2


Aaron Keller Doc Testimonial


Anthony Pagano Puppy Testimonial Resized


Al Baldwin Puppy Testimonial Resized


Ragnar Donna Puppy Testimonial


Heidi Tucker Baldwin Puppy Testimonial Resized


Elizabeth Klein Puppy Testimonial Resized


Maggie Darrer Puppy Testimonial



Kitty Haigh Puppy Testimonial Resized







Zena / Cody 2015 Litter Testimonies (click link)


Zena / Cody 2014 Litter Testimonies (click link)


Zyka / Doc 2012 Litter Testimonies (click link)


Zarah / Doc 2012 Litter Testimonies (click link)


Kalyn / Eko 2011 Litter Testimonies (click link)


Kalyn / Eko 2010 Litter Testimonies (click link)


Kalyn / Iko 2009 Litter Testimonies (click link)