Zyka Head Left Aug 20, 2010 Zyka is from my 2009 Litter from Kalyn and Iko (outside stud dog). I love the black shepherds so I wanted to keep her.

I bred her to Doc in 2012. She had a large litter of 11 puppies. Due to a C-Section because the last pup wasn’t alive, I chose to spay her after we got the last pup out. Because I couldn’t breed her again, I kept Zena from her litter to carry on her progeny. Zena will be bred in the Spring of 2015 to Cody.

Many of Zyka’s puppies have title accomplishments. Some are working Service Dogs, and one of her puppies,  Zivah has done so well, she and her owner were invited to compete at the 2014 Fall Nationals Competition in Kentucky.  .

Zivah, (which I am very proud of), at just 1 year old, has earned her AKC Champion Tracking Certificate .












Zivah, now just 2 years old has earned two more titles…..

AKC Tracking Dog Excellent Certificate and AKC Variable Surface Tracker Certificate.

Click this link to Zyka’s Pedigree Database: https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=1845810-vom-haus-hvk-nines-zyka

Click here for a copy of Zyka’s Pedigree Certificate: Zyka Pedigree Certificate