Zarah Head Framed

Zarah is a full sister to Zyka, from my 2009 Kalyn / Iko litter.

I bred her with my stud Doc and she also needed a C-Section. Zarah couldn’t make contractions, so I had to take her in for emergency surgery to get all the pups out. All 8 puppies she was carrying were delivered 100% healthy. Again, I did spay her also, because I don’t want to put my females through surgery to deliver litters.

Zarah is my protector, she is strong on protecting my property and myself. She is social once I let you in, unless you get unruly, then she will step up and warn you to behave. I love her “Alert”, I always know if anyone or anything is around.

I kept a female (Zoey) and a male (Zuro) from this litter to carry on Zarah’s progeny. They are highly intelligent dogs and their puppies will excel into future working dogs if my clients choose to train them in any given field. Zoey will be bred to Cody for a 2015 Spring Litter, and Zuro will breed Cassidy for a 2016 litter.

Visit my puppy page for news on upcoming litters.

Click this link to her Pedigree Database:

Click here for a copy of her Pedigree Certificate: Zarah Pedigree Certificate

Pictured here is one of Zarah’s puppies, Honor and Tim FramedMeet “Honor”. She is a Working Licensed Service Dog for Shepherds For Lost Sheep.

Shown here is the President of Shepherds For Lost Sheep  Mr Tim McDonough with “Honor”, one of Zarah’s puppies from her 2012 litter.

Many of my puppies have grown up and have become Working Service Dogs to assist our men and women that have served in our military after their tour of duty protecting our homeland.

Honor will be bred to my stud dog “Cody” in the Spring of 2015 for a new litter of Working Service Dogs. They are located in Washington State.

This non-profit organization funded by Government Grants and our donations.

Honor and Shepherds For Lost Sheep Group FramedPictured above is just one of their groups (not all members could attend) at their 2nd Annual Warriors Camp Out.

Visit the Shepherds For Lost Sheep web site to learn more about this organization, and  how trainable and useful our German Shepherd Dogs are.