Eko Head May 24, 2011 Framed Eko is my black sable male.

He has a super high working drive, an alarming “Alert Drive”, high “Ball” drive and superior in protection.

I bred Eko to Kalyn in 2010. You can view his litter on the Puppy Page (click).

I neutered him so I could  move on with new lines to breed his pups I kept.

Eko’s job is to watch my farm and my back. I can turn him on and off like a light switch.  He also helps me feed the horses out in the fields.

He is a great teacher for my young litter pups when I start to socialize the pups with all the adults.

I love his strength, balance and control.


Click this link to his Pedigree Database: https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2236416-vom-haus-hvknines-eko

Click here for a copy of his Pedigree Certificate: Eko Pedigree Certificate