OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Brauhsun was the best dog I have ever had. He was social, kind and gentle. He protected me if a dangerous situation arose .

I took him everywhere I went and he has saved my life three times from abduction while on the road traveling.

This dog is the reason I started breeding German Shepherd dogs. I want to produce superior dogs to help people. Whether you need a protection dog, a search and rescue dog, a tracking dog, a service dog or just a family pet, I do my best to breed a dog that will fit your needs.

I have dogs in many States, and many of my puppies have been trained to compete in AKC Events and are full time working Service Dogs.

Because of this dog, I have made a difference in many peoples lives. Breeding superior dogs that are balanced and trainable in any field you choose.

Brauhsun was sterile, so I was not able to use him for breeding.

I Love You, Brauhsun and I miss you so much! RIP my beautiful boy!


Click this link to his Pedigree Database:

Click here for a copy of his Pedigree Certificate: Brauhsun Pedigree Papers


Below is a video of my beloved Brauhsun…..