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  Vom Haus Schutz K9 Zuro


                    Young Stud Male

Zuro will breed Cassidy

in the Fall of 2017






   Vom Haus Schutz K9 Cody


  Young Stud Male            

Cody Head Framed Right(4)

Cody bred Zena in April 1017

This will be their 3nd litter, and puppies are due June 26, 2017





    Vom Haus Schutz K9 Zena


      Young Breeding Female


 Zena was bred to Cody

in April of 2017 for her 3 and final litter.


        Vom Haus Schutz K9 Zoey


Young Breeding Female      


Zoey lost her December 2016 puppy (she only carried one)

She is now spayed and living her life out on my farm with my pack. 











  Vom Haus Schutz K9 Cassidy


      Young Breeding Female

 Cassidy Head Framed 1


Cassidy will be bred to Zuro

in the October of 2017 for their first litter.








 I will adding my other dogs soon.