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 If you are looking for well bred European blood lines in a German Shepherd, you have come to the right place!



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I am dedicated to breed quality, healthy German Shepherd dogs and answer any questions you may have.

In the above video, I am teaching all the dogs and young puppies to sit and take their treat, in a group, ONLY when I call THEIR name.

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Planned Litters for 2016:


November 19, 2016 UPDATE:


Zoey has been bred now to Cody. Tentative due date is December 23rd to the 26th. I will have an Ultrasound performed on the 28th of Nov. for conformation of this pregnancy.

This will be my last planned litter for 2016. Puppies will be ready to go 8 weeks after they are born at the end February 2017. I have Reservations in on this litter now, so don't wait if you are interested in Zoey and Cody's puppy from their 2nd litter together.




Zena is in heat now, but will NOT be bred on this cycle. She will be bred for her final litter in April 2017 with Cody. (I will NOT over breed my dogs) Her puppies are all doing great and I will be keeping a puppy from this litter for my future breeding's to keep my lines. Reservations are also coming in on this planned litter. My puppies sell very fast so don't miss out on a puppy from her last litter if you are interested.




Puppy Reservations come in very early on my litters!



Zena - Cody June 17, 2016 Litter 


Live Puppy Cam will be back on the puppies after they are born on this litter:


Live Streaming Puppy Cam 1 (whelping pen)


Live Streaming Puppy Cam 3 (Inside Barn Kennel)

 Inside Barn Puppy Kennel


Zena and Cody will be bred once more in April 2017 for a June 2017 litter.

This will be their last litter. I will be retiring Zena.

I will be keeping a female to carry on her great progeny!

Zena and Cody Breeding announcement



Meet Jaegor, a puppy from Zena and Cody's 2015 litter.



You can expect your new puppy to look like Jaegor (if a Bi Color) in their physical build. He is a Bi Color and very well built.

I flew Jaegor to Texas to be with his new owners. And this is what they had to say:

"He is everything we dreamed of and more!"


If you know and love the German Shepherd Dog, and have the patience to train and raise them to be their best, I will have 3 beautiful litters in 2016 to choose from.


I will be having 3 planned litters in 2016, their dates (tentativdely) are listed below



      Zena / Cody, Litter Born June 17, 2016

4 Males, 5 Females, Blacks and Bi Colors

                 I will release this litter at 8 weeks old

on August 12th


(View Zena and Cody on their pages)


This Litter is SOLD!


  Cassidy / Zuro breeding didn't take, I will be breeding them on her next cycle in the Spring:

I release the puppies at 8 weeks old


(View Cassidy and Zuro on their pages)

   Cassidy did NOT get pregnant as far as her ultrasound showed.

I will be breeding her back to Zuro again in April 2017 for a June litter.

Reservations are being accepted on this litter.

(I do have a couple paid reservations waiting on this 2017 litter now)



  Zoey / Cody are bred for a litter due date on December 23, 2016:

I release the puppies at 8 weeks old

(View Zoey and Cody on their pages) 


Reservations are being accepted on this litter.





I go the extra mile to prepare your puppy for their new homes.....


Here are a couple of my clients testimonials about their experiences with me...








Aaron Keller Testimony   

Call today for information and answers to any of your questions you may have about my dogs and litters:

(845) 283-3229 (please leave a message, as I can't always answer the phone).



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