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If you are looking for well bred European blood lines in a German Shepherd, you have come to the right place!



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My Puppy Outside Kennel Exercise Areas........



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    UPDATE: February 12, 2018    

Cassidy came into heat early (Berit, my 8 month pup is in heat, and when one female comes in, they ALL come in! LOL)

I will let her breed naturally with Zuro now (February), this  will be her first litter. I haven't been able to get her pregnant with Artificial Insemination, so will let them try naturally and hoping for a new litter with them. Check back for updates on her mating.


Next breeding will be March 2018 (unless Zena comes in to heat early also) for May puppies ready for their new homes in July.

This breeding will be with Zena and Cody.

(I do have some paid reservations waiting on this 2018 litter)


ALL the puppies from these 2018 litters will be available.


(View her June 2017 litter below)


Zena delivered 10 beautiful healthy puppys on June 23, 2017.


(this litter was reserved very fast!)

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Puppy #9, Black Female.......

This puppy above I am keeping to carry on her great progeny!

Look for her puppies in 2020...........


Happy Clients Picking Up Their New Puppies...........



Zena's 10 puppies


5 Black Males, 2 Bi Color Males and 3 Black Females.



Zena (Bred to Cody) had a pregnancy conformation check on May 18th - Pregnant and Due Date June 26th with another big litter!

Photo below is June 22nd, 58 days pregnant x-ray of he puppies Zena is carrying. She has 10 puppies that show up on this x-ray.


Zena 51 days pregnant

Photo above 51 days pregnant (taken June 14, 2017)

Live Puppy Whelping Pen Cam 5 (Live Streaming on puppies after the litter is born)

http://marestare.com/fcam.php?alias=whitediamond5 (Click for Live Streaming)



Zena                                            Cody


Zena's palpation and ultrasound exam showed positive for pregnancy on the 18th of May. Palpation pressure showed puppy's and ultrasound showed many fetus. I will be taking Zena in for ex-ray's on her 59th day for a head count. Her expected due date will be the 26th of June.

I will know more after the litter is born on the count, sex and colors of the puppies.



I am dedicated to breed quality, healthy German Shepherd dogs and answer any questions you may have.

In the above video, I am teaching all the dogs and young puppies to sit and take their treat, in a group, ONLY when I call THEIR name.




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My new addition to my breeding females: February 3, 2017


Meet Mallibu........




Mally was born on September 11, 2016 in the Czech Republic.

She is an Import from the Czech Republic, Bi Color, Female Czech Working Line German Shepherd.

I purchased Mally to add to my superior working lines breeding program.

I will be breeding Mally when she matures at age 3 late in 2019 or early 2020 when she comes into heat.

She will produce well balanced working puppies when they mature.

Her pups should be great for family protection, or any field you choose to train your puppy in. 

Mally should have Bi-Color puppies and Black puppies with Zuro and and Bi Color puppies with Cody.

Below are some photos of Mally when I picked her up and my dogs (9 German Shepherds) and horses.


(Live Streaming Video is available to view my litters after they are born 24/7.)


 My puppies sell very fast so don't miss out on my upcoming litters in 2018.



Zena's pups from her June 1, 2016 litter.


Puppy Reservations come in very early on my litters!



Zena - Cody June 17, 2016 Litter 


Live Puppy Cams will be back on the puppies after they are born:


Live Streaming Puppy Cam 5 (whelping pen)


Live Streaming Puppy Cam 1 (Inside Barn Kennel Area)

 Inside Barn Puppy Kennel




Meet Jaegor, a puppy from Zena and Cody's 2015 litter.



You can expect your new puppy to look like Jaegor (if a Bi Color) in their physical build. He is a Bi Color and very well built.

I flew Jaegor to Texas to be with his new owners. And this is what they had to say:

"He is everything we dreamed of and more!"


and meet "Spectre" (below) 6 months old male with great "Ball Drive"

from Zena's 2016 litter




If you know and love the German Shepherd Dog, and have the patience to train and raise them to be their best.....I will have puppies born in May 2018.



I go the extra mile to prepare your puppy for their new homes.....


Here are a couple of my clients testimonials about their experiences with me...








Aaron Keller Testimony   

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