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If you are looking for well bred European blood lines in a German Shepherd, you have come to the right place!




Browse through my site and look at my dogs and puppies. Next planned litters will be Spring 2015

We are here to breed quality, healthy German Shepherd dogs and answer any questions you may have.

The above video is where I am teaching all the dogs and young puppies to sit and take their treat, in a group, ONLY when I call THEIR name.


My dogs are highly trainable in any direction you choose for them. Below is just one of my young dogs, taken to the top in Tracking by her owner. I am so proud to have great owners that train my pups to be their best!


Call us today: (845) 283-3229 (please leave a message, as I can't always answer the phone).


The gallery below are some of my clients with their new puppies and dogs.


Below is just one of my puppies, that has excelled to the highest level of tracking at just 2 years old.


Zivah, (which I am very proud of), at just 1 year old, has earned her AKC Champion Tracking Certificate .












Zivah, now just 2 years old has earned two more titles.....

AKC Tracking Dog Excellent Certificate and AKC Variable Surface Tracker Certificate.

Click this link to Zyka's Pedigree Database: https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=1845810-vom-haus-hvk-nines-zyka

Click here for a copy of Zyka's Pedigree Certificate: Zyka Pedigree Certificate


Zena (litter below) is a full sister to Zivah (above), I kept her to continue the intelligence and superior drives of this line.

Below is a gallery from Zena / Zuro litter this year (2014) They only had 2 puppies, but wow, what big females. Photos are from birth to 8 weeks old. Both puppies are so confident, balanced, great dispositions and super temperaments!


My next litters will be in Spring of 2015, go to the Puppy page for updates on future planned breedings.

 Click on the menu buttons or any of the pages to the right to learn more about my dogs and breeding program.